This course is intended for all who want to learn standard Croatian language, restore or improve existing knowledge, and is divided into levels according to already existing knowledge of the participants ( A1-C2).

Classes are in comfortable atmosphere of groups of 5 participants of the same language level.

Classes are available on English or German language.
Total hours 30 school hours
Dynamics 2x per week / 2 school hours
at once (one rate) 1.500,00kn ili 2 rates 825,00kn
For all students who have no time following group schedule or want classes specialized for their needs, we offer possibility of individual classes. The focus of these classes is totally on the participant and its needs.
Dynamics by arrangement / min 1x a week
Price 140,00kn / 60 minutes, individual hours
Classes for two participants of the same needs and language level. Dynamics is defined solely by participants.
Dynamics by arrangement / min 1x a week
Price 90,00kn / 60 minutes
Price per person
For the participants who have no time attending classes in our school we offer Skype lessons- classes from the comfort of your home. Program and dynamics are adjusted to the participants needs.
Dynamics by arrangement / min 1x a week
Price 160,00kn / 60 minutes
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